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Vegetarian Specialty Food Products

When you’re setting up a vegetarian kitchen, you can find vegetarian products that have nutritional advantages and/or are especially convenient. Not all of these vegetarian food products may appeal to you, but many of these food products make following a vegetarian or vegan diet much simpler.

  • Soy milk: Comes in different flavors, including plain, which has a slight “beanie” aftertaste.

  • Powdered vegetarian egg replacer: An egg substitute that’s made from a mixture of vegetable starches. You just mix a teaspoon and a half of the powder with two tablespoons of water to replace one egg.

  • Vegetarian burger patties and hotdogs: Some vegetarian burger patties are made from soy, and some are grain or vegetable based.

  • Whole grain breakfast cereals: Hot or cold cereals are simply a nutritious and satisfying way to start the day.

  • Tofu: Soybean curd that’s made by using a coagulant to curdle soy milk, separating the solids from the liquid, and pressing the solids into a block.

  • Tempeh: A traditional Indonesian food that’s made from whole soybeans, and is fermented and pressed into a flat, rectangular block.

  • Organic canned beans: Canned beans can go into any meal in a snap.

  • Dried bean flakes: You can find dried bean flakes in box mixes and in cardboard milk carton-like containers. Just add boiling water to the flakes to get a smooth bean purée.

  • Whole-grain mixes: You can find mixes for a wide range of baked products such as gingerbread, cakes, brownies, cookies, quick breads, pancakes, and waffles.

  • Instant soups: Many soups are sold in single-serving cardboard cups: You add boiling water, stir, and enjoy.

  • Organic canned tomatoes: Have many practical applications, including pasta sauces, toppings for cooked grains, and a wide range of other recipes.