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Let's hear it for the father figures! We'll walk you through your next BBQ feast (and what beer to drink while grilling), coaching your kid's football game or taking them fishing, and how to mow like a pro.

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8 results
Five Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Barbecuing

Article / Updated 02-01-2024

Mistakes are bound to happen as you explore barbecue cooking, but they are a part of the BBQ adventure. Here are five rookie mistakes to avoid: Being in a hurry. If you want fast, cook a grilled cheese. If you want barbecue, chill out. Slow is the essenc...

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The 7 Traits of Highly Successful Dads

Article / Updated 09-14-2023

Here’s a collection of seven traits that are often found in amazing dads — qualities that each and every guy can develop on his journey to becoming a father: Confidence: It takes time to feel truly confident about handling a newborn, but you gain con...

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Beer Brands & Unusual Styles to Try at Least Once

Article / Updated 06-06-2023

Most beer drinkers tend to drink just a couple different beer styles without straying too far off the beaten path. But to fully understand and appreciate the wider spectrum of beer styles, here are a few types of beers that every beer drinker should taste...

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A Brief History of Father's Day

Article / Updated 05-19-2023

Father's Day, celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday of June, got a jump start from the formation of Mother's Day. Credit for beginning Father's Day celebrations is given to Sonora Smart Dodd (1882—1978) of Spokane, Washington.At the turn o...

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How to Mow a Lawn the Right Way

Article / Updated 02-07-2023

How to mow a lawn or grass the right way is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy. Grasses are like most plants — if you clip off the growing points (for grass, it's in the crown, where the new leaves develop), the plants bra...

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Football Coaching Geared to Kids of Different Ages

Article / Updated 05-04-2022

Part of your responsibility when coaching football is knowing and understanding what to expect — both physically and emotionally — from youngsters who play the game at a particular age level.Coaching kids ages 6 and underChildren in this age bracket h...

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Teaching Your Kids New Math (K-5) For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 05-04-2022

When you’re working with your K–5 child to practice math skills, it can help to have a tool to remind you of some of the basics related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. For those times, this Cheat Sheet can come in ha...

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10 Fun Ways to Get Kids Fishing

Article / Updated 05-04-2022

Fishing trips should be fun for all involved. Here are some tips to help you make every trip a winner for kids. Kids need to be introduced to fishing the right way. Ever notice that almost every adult has a memory of going fishing as a child? Ever notice ...

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