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Eat, drink, and enjoy learning! You'll be prepped to cook, can, bake, bartend, and barbeque with great recipes and techniques.

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Zero Waste Cooking For Dummies

Published 01-19-2022

Your recipe for saving the planet (and some money too!)

If you’re like many of us, you waste your fair share of food. And you may think that food waste is an inevitable part of modern life. But in Zero Waste Cooking For Dummies, you’ll learn a little about sustainability in agriculture and where your food comes from, and how to organize your kitchen for less waste. With food waste in mind, you’ll also learn how to meal plan and shop within your budget.And ultimately, you’ll learn how to use every last bit of what’s in your fridge, freezer, and cupboard to make delicious meals, save money, and do your part for the environment.

In this book, celebrated dietitian and internationally recognized author Rosanne Rust walks you through every step of transforming how you plan your meals, shop for groceries, store your food, cook your food, and deal with leftovers. Whether you’re more experiences or the type of cook who can burn water, you’ll find tips and strategies that help you buy, use, and waste less food.

Zero Waste Cooking For Dummies offers:

  • Dozens of recipes for delicious entrees, appetizers, breakfasts, soups, salads, and more
  • Meal planning ideas that make grocery shopping a breeze, save you real money, and help you make the most of what you have in your kitchen
  • Tips and tricks for how to use leftovers, how to craft new dishes with leftover ingredients so you don’t need to throw anything away, and more

This book is a must-read for any homemaker, home cook or anyone looking for ways to save a little money, reduce their carbon footprint, and make some awesome, nutritious meals.

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Mediterranean Lifestyle For Dummies

Published 10-26-2021

Achieve optimal health and live longer with timeless advice from Mediterranean culture

The Mediterranean lifestyle offers achievable and enjoyable opportunities for a longer, healthier, and happier life. By incorporating simple and fun habits into your daily life, you can enjoy these lasting benefits. In Mediterranean Lifestyle For Dummies, best-selling author, Mediterranean lifestyle ambassador, chef, and culinary expert Amy Riolo walks you through the basic lifestyle practices that have stood the test of time and will transform the way you eat, socialize, and experience life.

You’ll find practical ways to enjoy increased energy, better sleep, an improved attitude, and a revitalized social life. You’ll learn to make a healthy, produce-based diet the centerpiece of a new approach to living that includes engaging with nature, making mealtimes sacred, and laughing at life every day.

More than 30 delicious, simple, and authentic Mediterranean recipes from various countries in the region, this book shows you how to:

  • Benefit from ancient wisdom which has enabled people to survive and thrive well into their 90s for millennia
  • Adopt a food-friendly approach that makes cooking for yourself, friends, and family an opportunity for fun and memorable experiences
  • Organize your pantry and kitchen around Mediterranean principles so making simple, healthy foods becomes second nature
  • Make time for yourself, your family, and your friends by reconnecting with the outdoors, siestas, and communal meals

The transformational opportunity found in this lifestyle guide is about more than improving your diet and losing a few pounds. It’s about showing you how to find a happier and healthier you without resorting to fads, tricks, shortcuts, or diets that only last a few days. By revealing the often-overlooked cultural traditions and lifestyle components that have earned the Mediterranean Diet top ranking among the world’s diets, this book will help you to achieve lasting and meaningful results, anytime and anywhere.  Mediterranean Lifestyle For Dummies is for anyone who wants more flavor in their food, more wine in their glass, more friends at their table, and more life in their life.

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Indian Cooking For Dummies

Published 08-31-2021

Taste the real thing and discover the delights of home-cooked Indian food 

Indian food—delicious, diverse, and not as difficult to cook as you might think! In Indian Cooking For Dummies, you’ll learn the fundamentals, plus over 100 make-at-home recipes for your Indian favorites. Even newbie cooks will have no trouble making these easy and delectable dishes right at home. With this book, you’ve got a suite of recipes to suit every dietary need (vegetarians, rejoice!), spice tolerance, and skill level. When you crave a  Bengaluru breakfast, Lucknow lunch, or Delhi dinner, Indian Cooking For  Dummies is for you. 

Inside, you’ll learn the steps and secrets used in all the regions of India, so you can create a perfect, balanced Indian meal in your kitchen. With pro suggestions and tips about key ingredients and dish pairings, you’ll be eating healthy, hearty, flavorful food in no time. Imagine your own stay-at-home buffet of rice, Indian breads, curried meats, creamy  lentils, aromatic vegetables, raitas, chutneys, relishes, and more. Hungry yet?  

  • Cook authentic Indian appetizers, snacks, main courses, desserts, drinks, and popular vegetarian dishes 
  • Discover regional Indian cuisine and the ingredients, techniques, and spices unique to each 
  • Eat healthily and cook from scratch, without spending too much time in the kitchen 
  • Enjoy expert advice on how to make a meal for one or feed a large family, Indian style

For flavor, aroma, variety, and sheer pleasure, Indian food is tops—and you can make it yourself, with this friendly Dummies guide! 

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Meal Prep Cookbook For Dummies

Published 08-31-2021

Prep ahead and save time all week long! With over 125 time-saving recipes, you can transform your schedule with make-ahead breakfasts, salads-on-the-go, and easy-to-fix charcuterie dinner boards! 

With simple prep each week, you can stock your fridge and freezer with heat-and-eat meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or do partial prep and make dinnertime a breeze. Meal Prep Cookbook For Dummies can help you spend less time in the kitchen, meet health goals, save money, and just plain eat better. With over 125 recipes, plus tips and techniques for making all your favorites ahead of time, this book lets you breeze through your week. Imagine the possibilities that will open to you when you can just pop a healthy and delectable pre-made meal in the microwave, and—ding!—your made-from-scratch dinner is ready. Prep ahead and toss vegetables and your favorite protein on a sheet pan and dinner is ready in under 20 minutes. What will you do with all your extra time? 

Why stress about what to eat each day? Meal Prep Cookbook For Dummies will take the uncertainty out of mealtime, as you discover everything from cooking basics to grocery store tips to meal prepping secrets. Whatever your home-chef skill level, you’ll discover new favorite meals, organize your kitchen, store food efficiently, and learn new ideas to take your meal prepping abilities to the next level. 

  • Discover over 125 make-ahead recipes that you can prepare at home in 45 minutes or less, with the cooking tools you already have 
  • Meal prep for any diet (carb conscious, gluten-free, vegetarian), allergy, or food sensitivity 
  • Craft delicious and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for yourself or your whole family 
  • Get new ideas and tips for sprucing up your staples, planning your grocery trips, and balancing your meals 

Before you know it, you’ll have meal prep down to a science, so you can relax a little bit more, knowing breakfast, lunch, and dinner are already taken care of! 

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Canning & Preserving For Dummies

Published 05-04-2021

Get your food preservation skills in the can

Craving a juicy peach in the barren midwinter? Yearning for a cupful of home-grown tomato soup before the seeds are even in the ground? Canning makes you the ultimate boss of your food supply all year 'round and helps you reduce costs and maintain quality control over what you eat—and to be prepared in times of food shortages. And Canning & Preserving For Dummies shows you how to do it all, helping you explore hundreds-of-years-old traditions of food preservation in the comfort of your own home.

In a friendly and step-by-step style, longtime canner and owner of Amy Jeanroy takes you inside the canning world to show how modern technology and techniques have made it easy to use the four main methods of preservation—water-bath and pressure canning, freezing, and dehydrating—to keep your pantry packed with delicious, out-of-season delights. She also clues you in on how to match preservation technique to food for the most flavorful results—and what supplies to keep on hand for your next canning adventure.

  • Know the benefits, from healthier eating to self-reliance
  • Follow the latest food safety guidelines
  • Get guidance on food storage in urban living
  • Cook up tasty recipes with your preserved delights

Whatever draws you to canning—saving money on groceries, healthy living, or the sheer fun of doing it—this book is stuffed with all the goodness you need to keep your palate happy whatever the season is!

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BBQ For Dummies

Published 04-13-2021

The complete year-round guide to BBQ and smoking!

The BBQing and smoking industry is heating up! No longer reserved for warm weather occasions or backyard gatherings, firing up the grill or smoker is becoming ever-more popular in everyday American cooking. 

Written by America’s Pit Master and award-winning restaurant owner Carey Bringle of Peg Leg Porker, one of the most famous BBQ spots in Nashville, this book features more than 50 recipes and provides tried-and-true advice on BBQing and smoking all types of meat, seafood, chicken, pork, and veggies. 

  • Choose the right wood and get the best smoker or grill
  • Get recipes for marinades, rubs, injections, and sauces
  • Cook up hog, ribs, brisket, and chicken, and more
  • Work with certain cuts of meat

If you’re looking for a new guide to classic barbeque and more, look no further.

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Honey For Dummies

Published 04-06-2021

Get in on the ground level of the next artisan food obsession—honey! 

Just like wine, cheese, beer or coffee, honey is an artisan food with much to be discovered. Whether you're interested in tasting the various varietals, using it as a cure, or harvesting your own, Honey For Dummies is the guide for you. This book reveals the deep and complex world of honey, its diverse floral sources, and its surprising range of colors, smells, and flavors. You will learn about over 50 single-origin honeys, their sensory profiles, where they are produced and where to buy them. Discover how to taste and evaluate honey using the same methods as professional honey sensory expert. Understand how honey is produced by honeybees, and how beekeepers harvest, and bottle this liquid gold. You’ll also discover the historical role honey has played around the world in folklore, religions, and economies. From its health benefits, to recipes, to food pairings, this complete guide covers all things honey! 

Honey is the latest food trend that can be found at farmers’ markets, specialty food shops and on the menu of restaurants. It is produced from bees in every state and just about every country on the planet. Let Honey For Dummies accompany you on your sweet adventure! 

  • Discover the rich and complex world of single-origin honey 
  • Learn about honey’s composition and its myriad health benefits 
  • Acquire the skills to taste honey like a pro then how to perfectly pair honeys with all foods 
  • Try the book’s many wonderful recipes that incorporate honey 

Honey For Dummies is the perfect companion for every chef, brewer, homesteader, beekeeper or honey lover.

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Coffee For Dummies

Published 03-03-2021

Get the skinny on your morning joe

Do you swear by your morning jolt of caffeine but are hard-pressed to tell a siphon from a slow dripper? No problem: just order a fresh copy of Coffee For Dummies for a smooth blend of fun facts and practical advice to give an extra shot of flavor to your appreciation of the second-most valuable commodity on planet Earth—and filter out all that excess grind in your knowledge.

This warm and welcoming serving from passionate coffee guru Major Cohen—a Specialty Coffee Association certified instructor, and now retired highly respected former Starbucks coffee educator and program manager—takes you on a rocket-fueled journey from the origins of the liquid bean’s popularity to best ways to prepare and enjoy coffee in your own home. You'll learn how to evaluate the advantages of different coffee styles and makers, and how even the smallest detail—varietal, roast type, texture—can influence how good that cupped lightning tastes on your tongue.

  • Evaluate different roasts or brews
  • Navigate menus for the best deals
  • Learn how to speak “coffee” and order your half-cap-low-fat-no-sugar-add-whip with confidence
  • Save money with the best store apps
  • Meet some of the unknown pioneers of coffee that have made our coffee world of today
  • See how you might think bigger about your coffee spend changing the world

The average American spends over $1000 on their daily brain juice every year: why not hire Coffee For Dummies as your personal barista and get more for your money—and from each invigorating sip.

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Bread Making For Dummies

Published 11-10-2020

Craving fresh-baked bread?

The 2020 pandemic has highlighted our love of bread, especially when it was nowhere to be found! Bread making took center stage for many of us stuck at home and craving comfort food. Fresh baked bread definitely soothes the soul. As it should, bread baking has been a tradition for thousands of years and across all continents. Bread Making For Dummies explores the science behind the art of bread making and our cultural connection to wild and commercial yeasts. Break out your kitchen scale and favorite wholesome grains and join us on the journey, from classic German Pretzels (Brezeln) to warm Salted Pecan Rolls to Rustic Sourdough. 

Popular culinary author and dietician Wendy Jo Peterson has your foolproof loaf, flatbread, and roll needs covered. If you want to really start from scratch and culture your own yeast—no problem! She’ll also let you in on the secrets of the fashionable no-knead and sourdough recipes that have been drawing chefs’ kisses of discerning delight from bread-aficionados for the past decade.

  • Discover the tools and ingredients needed in bread making
  • Grow your own sourdough starter
  • Form savory or sweet loaves
  • Stuff breads for a complete meal
  • Boost the nutritional quality of breads with wholesome ingredients, like nuts, seeds, and old-world grains

Whether you’re a nervous newbie or a seasoned, floury-aproned baker, Bread Making For Dummies is the beginning of a delicious, doughy adventure—so get your butter knife ready and discover just how easy and extra-tasty home bread-making can be!

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Charcuterie For Dummies

Published 07-21-2020

The world of charcuterie is at your fingertips

Even if you’ve never cooked a slab of bacon in your life, you can prepare sausage and cured meats at home! In Charcuterie for Dummies, you’ll learn everything you could possibly need to get started, from choosing the right gear and finding quality raw ingredients, all the way through taking your parties to the next level with epic charcuterie boards.

Salami, bacon, prosciutto, and good-old-fashioned sausage are all on the menu with Charcuterie for Dummies. Author and meat master Mark LaFay will help you keep things safe and sanitary, equip you with some seriously awesome recipes, and teach you a thing or two about which beers and wines to serve up with your meat. Choose a chapter and get started!

  • Get started curing meats at home with the highest quality raw ingredients, equipment, and recipes
  • Make everything from sausage and bacon to prosciutto, salami, and more
  • Learn how to pair your homemade meats with jams, nuts, cheeses, and pickles for epic charcuterie boards
  • Take your new hobby to the next level with more advanced recipes and beverage pairings

Whether you’re a total beginner or coming in with some previous knowledge, Charcuterie for Dummies will unleash your culinary creativity!

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