Ingredients to Avoid on a Vegan Diet - dummies

Ingredients to Avoid on a Vegan Diet

By Alexandra Jamieson

Part of Vegan Cooking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Although most people know vegan diets should avoid dairy- and egg-based ingredients, sometimes other nonvegan ingredients aren’t so easy to spot. To keep your diet vegan, check food labels to avoid these lesser-known animal-based ingredients:

  • Albumen: Made from eggs, milk, and animal blood.

  • Bone char: Derived from animal bone ash. It’s used to process white sugar.

  • Carmine or cochineal: Red pigment made from crushed beetles. It’s found in foods, supplements, and makeup.

  • Casein: A cow’s milk protein.

  • Methionine: Essential amino acids made from eggs or cow’s milk.

  • Pepsin: Made from hogs’ stomachs.

  • Rennet: An enzyme made from calves’ stomachs.

  • Whey: Made from milk.