Creating Sauces in Your Blender - dummies

Creating Sauces in Your Blender

For making sauces in a hurry, the blender is an invaluable tool. You can make blender sauces literally in minutes — the blades rotate very quickly, binding (or pulling together) liquids better. Blender sauces can be so quick that your dinner guests will suspect that a gourmet chef is hiding in the pantry.

You can transform simple poached fish into something special by combining some of the poaching liquid with wine, fresh watercress, seasonings, and just a dab of cream or ricotta cheese. When mixed in the blender with several pats of butter, these ingredients create a savory and exceptionally smooth sauce.

You can also create certain fruit sauces easily in a blender, whether it’s a purée of raspberries spiked with framboise (French raspberry brandy), or of mango with lime and rum.