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Miscellaneous Pasta Shapes

Some pasta shapes are unique: shells, butterflies, little ears . . . These shapes are “miscellaneous pasta” because they don’t fit into a broader category. Take a look at this grab bag of fun pasta shapes that add visual interest to dishes served to company, friends, and yourself!


Miscellaneous-Shaped Pastas
Italian Name and Translation Approximate Cooking Time Great Accompaniments
Conchiglie (“shells”) Cooks in 10 to 12 minutes Wonderful with a simple butter-basil sauce and a grating of
Parmesan cheese
Farfalle (“butterflies”) Cooks in 10 to 12 minutes Pretty tossed into cold salads with fresh vegetables
Fusilli (“twists”) Cooks in 10 to 12 minutes Corkscrew shaped and good with chunky sauces
Orecchiette (“little ears”) Cooks in 7 to 9 minutes Wonderful in chicken soups and clear broth
Orzo (“barley”) Cooks in 8 to 10 minutes Rice-shaped pasta, good in dishes such as
cold-chicken-and-sun-dried-tomato salad with vinaigrette
Rotelle (“small wheels”) Cooks in 8 to 10 minutes Fun-shaped favorite of children