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Deciding Between Fresh and Dried Pasta

The truth is that fresh pasta is not inherently better than dried pasta; it’s just different. Many fine dried pastas are available, and the choice between fresh and dried pasta is really a matter of personal taste:

  • Fresh pasta: Well-made fresh pasta is definitely lighter and more delicate than dried pasta. Homemade fresh pasta is usually made from plain white flour.

  • Dried pasta: Tastes more substantial than fresh pasta — and because a wide range of flours is used, flavors vary. The better dried pastas use semolina flour, made from nutritious durum wheat.

    Dried pasta is widely available, lasts longer in the pantry, and is more economical.

Specialty food markets and many supermarkets now sell fresh pasta in the refrigerator section, so you really don’t need to make your own if you don’t have the time or the inclination. Fresh pasta is good, but you pay a premium.