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Calzone with Prosciutto, Mushrooms, and Mozzarella (Calzone all’Italiana)

By Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, Helene Siegel, Cesare Casella, Jack Bishop, Tom Lacalamita, Heather Dismore, Martin Yan, Dede Wilson, Joan H. Moravek, Kristin Eddy

This classic calzone has it all — mushrooms, prosciutto, tomatoes, and mozzarella. You need 1 prepared recipe of Basic Pizza Dough. Calzone fillings are open to countless variations.

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Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Yield: 4 servings

4 tablespoons olive oil, divided, plus oil for greasing baking sheets

3 cups sliced cremini or domestic mushrooms

Salt and pepper to taste

1⁄4 cup flour (to spread on flat surface)

1 recipe Basic Pizza Dough, divided into 4 balls

8 slices prosciutto or ham, julienned

1⁄2 cup chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce

2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Pinch of dried oregano

  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.

  2. Lightly oil 2 large baking sheets.

  3. Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a medium skillet over medium heat. Add the mushrooms and sauté, stirring often, until they’ve released their liquid and it has evaporated.

    Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper. Transfer the mushrooms to a medium bowl and let cool.

  4. Spread the flour on a flat surface. Press 1 of the balls of dough out to form an 8-inch circle.

    Transfer the dough to a prepared baking sheet, cover loosely, and set it aside. Repeat with the other 3 pieces of dough.

  5. Add the prosciutto, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and oregano to the bowl with the mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper and mix well.

  6. Spread a fourth of the filling on half of 1 dough circle, keeping it 1-1⁄2 to 2 inches from the edge.

    Fold the other side over the filling and pinch the edges together to form a seal. Repeat this procedure with the other 3 calzones.

  7. Using a fork, poke a few holes in the top of each calzone. Drizzle with the remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil.

    Bake until golden brown, 15 to 20 minutes.