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Reading a Dessert Recipe

Before tackling a dessert recipe, take a good look at it. Reading your dessert recipe thoroughly can prevent a disaster. If the recipe calls for a piece of kitchen equipment that you don’t have, for example, don’t start making the dessert in the recipe until you’ve figured out an alternative technique (or gotten the equipment you need).

  • Read all the ingredients. A well-written recipe lists the ingredients in the order in which they’re used. Make sure that you have all the ingredients. Also, make sure that you like all the ingredients.

  • Ask yourself, “Does this dessert sound appealing?” Just because the recipe is in a book doesn’t mean that you’ll like it.

  • Mentally run through all the techniques called for in the recipe. Are you comfortable with techniques such as folding, whisking, crimping, and so on? Don’t try to figure out a technique while you’re in the middle of a recipe.

  • Consider the time required to complete the recipe. Always give yourself more time than the recipe calls for, especially if it’s your first time through.

  • Always consider how many guests you need to feed before taking on a recipe. There’s nothing worse — or more embarrassing — than having ten guests and eight slices of tart.