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Lowfat Dairy Product Substitutions

You can still enjoy dairy products while cooking the lowfat way. All kinds of lowfat dairy substitutions exist, and even if those lowfat substitutions don’t taste quite like the fatty versions, they work perfectly well in all kinds of recipes. This table provides some substitution suggestions.

Lowfat Dairy Substitutions
Instead of This Try This
Butter Fat-free butter substitute, such as I Can’t Believe
It’s Not Butter!
Canned cream soups Lowfat canned cream soups
Cheese Fat-free or lowfat cheese
Cheese dishes Fat-free or lowfat cheese dishes, such as Healthy Choice or
Lean Cuisine macaroni and cheese
Cottage cheese Fat-free or lowfat cottage cheese
Cream Fat-free or lowfat non-dairy creamer
Cream cheese Fat-free or reduced-fat cream cheese
Custard made with whole eggs and whole milk Custard made with fat-free creamer, substitute eggs, and skim
Evaporated milk Evaporated skimmed milk
Feta cheese Fat-free or lowfat farmer’s cheese
Frozen yogurt Fat-free or lowfat frozen yogurt
Half-and-half Fat-free or lowfat non-dairy creamer
Homemade cream soups made with cream Homemade cream soups made with fat-free non-dairy creamer
Ice cream Fat-free or lowfat ice cream
Margarine Fat-free or reduced-fat (diet) margarine
Parmesan cheese Fat-free Parmesan topping (or mix half fat-free with half
regular Parmesan)
Part-skim mozzarella (this isn’t lowfat) Fat-free or lowfat mozzarella
Part-skim ricotta (this isn’t lowfat) Fat-free or lowfat ricotta
Sour cream Fat-free or lowfat sour cream
Sweetened condensed milk Fat-free sweetened condensed milk
Whipped cream Fat-free or lowfat whipped topping
Whole milk Skim milk or dry nonfat milk
Yogurt Fat-free or lowfat yogurt