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How Do You Get Cholesterol in Your Diet?

You don’t need to worry about including cholesterol in your diet. Most of the cholesterol that you need is made in your liver from the nutrition (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) that you consume in your diet.

But you also get cholesterol from food of animal origin: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Although some plant foods, such as coconuts and cocoa beans, are high in saturated fats, no plants actually have cholesterol. The following table, from Nutritive Value of Foods (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Agriculture), lists the amount of cholesterol in normal servings of some representative foods.

Because plants don’t contain cholesterol, no plant foods are on this list. No grains. No fruits. No veggies. No nuts and seeds. Of course, you can juice plant food up with cholesterol if you really try: Butter in the bread dough, cheese on the macaroni, cream sauce on the peas and onions, whipped cream on poached peaches, and so on.

How Much Cholesterol Is on That Plate?
Food Serving Size Cholesterol (mg)
Beef (stewed) lean and fat 3 ounces 87
Beef (stewed) lean 2.2 ounces 66
Beef (ground) lean 3 ounces 74
Beef (ground) regular 3 ounces 76
Beef steak (sirloin) 3 ounces 77
Bacon 3 strips 16
Pork chop, lean 2.5 ounces 71
Chicken (roast) breast 3 ounces 73
Chicken (roast) leg 3 ounces 78
Turkey (roast) breast 3 ounces 59
Clams 3 ounces 43
Flounder 3 ounces 59
Oysters (raw) 1 cup 120
Salmon (canned) 3 ounces 34
Salmon (baked) 3 ounces 60
Tuna (water canned) 3 ounces 48
Tuna (oil canned) 3 ounces 55
American 1 ounce 27
Cheddar 1 ounce 30
Cream 1 ounce 31
Mozzarella (whole milk) 1 ounce 22
Mozzarella (part skim) 1 ounce 15
Swiss 1 ounce 26
Whole 8 ounces 33
2% 8 ounces 18
1% 8 ounces 18
Skim 8 ounces 10
Butter Pat 11
Eggs, large 1 213
Lard 1 tbsp. 12