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Creating an Effective Flight Aptitude Test Study Plan

Studying for the military flight aptitude test is serious business, so you need a study plan. Fly through the flight aptitude test by including these two key study points in your plan:

  • Commit to a study schedule. Getting ready for the military flight aptitude test requires dedication and determination. A proper study schedule is going to eat up a lot, if not most, of your free time; you have to be prepared to resist temptations and distractions as much as possible.

    Depending on how far out you are from test day, you should commit to at least two to three hours per day of test prep. If at all possible, start your schedule at least three to six months before your first exam (the more time the better) and plan to schedule at least a month between each branch service test you intend to take.

  • Practice taking tests. The old saying “practice makes perfect” holds true for taking military flight aptitude tests. To maximize your study time, take practice tests in an informal setting at the beginning of your test preparation to determine your exact strong and weak areas.

    About two-thirds through your study program, take practice exams (one per sitting) in a formalized setting. Start with the branch you least want to join and work up to your highest-priority test. Pretend you’re taking the real test; try to find an unfamiliar setting where you won’t be distracted and use the same mental approach as you would for the real deal.

    Score your practice test, and then informally review the questions you answered incorrectly, spending time refreshing yourself on those topics. A few days later, retake the questions you answered incorrectly to cement this information into your long-term memory. Then you can do additional review and set a time to take the next practice test.