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NCLEX-RN For Dummies with Online Practice Tests

Published 09-23-2020

Ace the NCLEX-RN exam with this comprehensive guide 

The rigorous NCLEX-RN nursing exam can be painful—and many don’t pass on the initial attempt. So why not beat the odds and drastically improve your chances of acing your first time with NCLEX-RN For Dummies, 2nd Edition with Online Practice

This fully updated and revised edition is tracked to the latest NCLEX-RN exam, and comes complete with deep content review, study tips, and top test-taking strategies. You also get access to online flashcards and two practice exams with answer explanations to flesh out your technique and study.  

  • Practice with hundreds of test questions 
  • Go online for vocabulary flashcards and practice exams 
  • Find full coverage of the medical, surgical, pediatric, psychiatric, and obstetric subjects schools require for the test 

Written by an instructor with 38 years of hands-on nursing practice under her belt, this popular, plain-English exam prep is best-in-class and will deliver the results you want—the first time.  

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