Basic Approaches for Solving LSAT Logic Games - dummies

Basic Approaches for Solving LSAT Logic Games

By Mark Zegarelli

Part of LSAT Logic Games For Dummies Cheat Sheet

It’s hard to know where to start when trying to answer the questions in a logic game in the Analytical Reasoning section of the LSAT. A systematic approach can certainly help you get your bearings. When you begin a new logic game, do the following before you consider the questions:

  1. Scan the story to answer three important questions:

    • Which type of game is this?

      Is it a line game, in which you have to put elements in order? A sorting game, in which you have to separate elements into groups? A combination?

    • How many chips are in this game?

      That is, how many elements are you ordering or sorting?

    • Is this a 1-to-1 game?

      That is, will you have one chip in every box? Or can you have empty boxes? Can you place multiple chips in a box? Can you have unused chips left over, or can you use the same chip more than once?

  2. Use the story and clues to build the game board:

    • List the chips.

    • Draw the boxes.

    • Scribe notes on the clues.

  3. Improve the game board and, if possible, find hidden keys. When you begin a new question, do the following:

    1. Decide whether the question has an extra clue.

    2. Determine the answer profile.

    3. Draw a question chart, if needed.