Use the Brush Tool in Flash CS5 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 tools such as the Pen and Pencil offer you different ways of creating stroked paths. In contrast, the Flash CS5 Brush tool paints with fills. Much like a good old-fashioned paintbrush, this tool can create thick, broad strokes with solid colors or gradients for excellent artistic effects.

The Brush tool features several different brush sizes and tips as well as five modes for controlling how (and where) the Brush tool works its magic. Follow these steps to use the Brush tool:

  1. With the Brush tool selected, choose a brush size and tip shape from the bottom of the Tools panel.

  2. Choose a fill color from the Fill color swatch on the Tools panel, Property inspector, or Color panel.

  3. Freely paint on the stage to see the Brush tool in action.

The different Brush modes change where and how the tool works against different objects on the stage. A good way to see these modes in action is to draw a shape on the stage and make sure that the shape has both a stroke and fill set. Experiment by changing modes and trying to paint over the shape.

The mode affects only the area of the selected shape. In the figure, the selected object was painted over with the Brush tool in Paint Selection mode.


To apply an outline to a painted area, set a color by using the Stroke color swatch on the Tools panel, select the Ink Bottle tool, and click the outer edge of the fill. You can now use the Property inspector to change the width, color, and style of the stroke as well.