Resize a Flash CS5 Button in a Different State - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Resizing a button in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 so that it grows when the mouse passes over it is an effective way to bring attention to the button. This can be done with animation so that the button does not jump to a new size, but grows instead.

To resize the button that grows using animation, follow these steps:

  1. Select the button and choose Modify→Edit Component.

  2. Click the state that you want to edit in the Pages/States panel.

  3. Click all or part of the button and drag a resizing handle on the button to resize it.

    In the Timelines panel, a Resize bar appears. If your button has more than one part, you may also see a Move bar, if resizing one part of the button also moved another part.

  4. In the Timelines panel, to adjust the timing of the animation, click and drag the Resize bar’s small semicircular thumbtab that appears to the right. Do the same for the Move bar, if you have one.

    This Resize bar and Move bar have been dragged to play the resizing animation for half a second.


  5. In the State Transitions list of the Timelines panel, notice which state transition is highlighted. Then choose the opposite from the list and drag the tab of the Resize bar on the Timelines panel for the same distance you did in Step 4 and do the same for the Move bar.

    This sets the animation to resize back to its original state.

    If you animate the Up > Over states, be sure to select the Over > Up state as well so that it animates back to its normal size when the mouse is off the button.

  6. Test your new button state by clicking the Play button at the top of the Timelines panel, or by choosing File→Run Project.

    If you choose File→Run Project, your web site opens in a browser window. Check out your new button state with the animation.

  7. Exit the Component Editing mode by choosing Modify→Exit Editing.