Publish a Flash CS5 Movie - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Publishing a Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 movie is the final step in preparing the movie to be posted on the web, distributed on CD-ROM, or used as a desktop application. Publishing a Flash CS5 movie includes these important tasks:

  • For web publishing: Export the final SWF file that’s playable by Flash Player and create all additional files (such as web pages) necessary to display your movie.

  • For desktop publishing: Create an AIR application that’s viewable in the AIR runtime.

  • For the desktop or a CD/DVD-ROM: Create self-contained .app or .exe files.

The File menu’s Publish settings and options handle the setup and publication of your movie so that you can show the world your new creation.

Flash can create all these file types at publish-time:

  • HTML: To display movies on the web, you need to contain them within a web page or HTML file. Flash takes care of creating this page for you.

  • JPG, GIF, or PNG: You can create static images from the first frame of your Flash movie in these web-friendly image formats. These are useful for a number of purposes, including previews or stand-ins when the Flash plug-in is not available.

  • Projector: If you want to distribute your movie as a standalone file, you can create a Mac or PC compatible projector that includes Flash Player. Projectors are good in situations where you want to distribute a movie offline and not require your users to download the Flash player.

  • SWF: This is the most common format in which you’ll publish your Flash movies. SWF files are playable in the Flash player/plug-in, and are compressed, ready-to-view versions of your original file.