How to Use the Flash CS5 Layout Grid - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, you can enable and use the Flash CS5 grid to draw and position objects and create precise layouts by just following the lines. As with guides, you can snap type, drawing objects, and symbols to gridlines. You can also draw along gridlines to easily measure and match shapes.

To enable the grid, choose View→Grid→Show Grid. The grid appears in the background, as shown in the figure. To take full advantage of the grid, choose View→Snapping→Snap to Grid to make it magnetic.


Follow these steps to draw and position objects with the grid:

  1. Choose View→Grid→Show Grid to make sure the grid is enabled and choose View→Snapping→Snap to Grid to turn on snapping for the grid.

  2. Grab the Rectangle tool, choose a stroke color, and set the fill color to None.

  3. Draw a rectangle with the gridlines as a guide.

    The shape snaps to the nearest gridline while you draw.

  4. Use the Selection tool to click and drag the new shape and snap it into place.

    When you move objects along the grid, they snap by their registration point to the gridlines. You can use the gridlines to snap objects (including type) to the exact position you want.


To customize the appearance of your grid, choose View→Grid→Edit Grid. From this dialog box, you can specify the grid’s size and color and the snapping accuracy.