How to Import Photoshop (.psd) Files into Flash CS5 - dummies

How to Import Photoshop (.psd) Files into Flash CS5

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Whether your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 project needs a simple photograph or complex compiled artwork, Flash CS5’s Photoshop Import options make it easy to import any .psd file while keeping individual layers editable, even with type and layer styles.

You can distribute Photoshop layers to Flash layers, sequence them as keyframes, or individually convert layer contents to symbols that are added to the library. Flash even supports Photoshop layer comps, so you can choose from and import any layer comp in your .psd file.

Before you begin, locate a Photoshop file that you want to import into Flash. A great example is a file that combines layers and type and the basic use of Photoshop layer styles, such as drop shadows.

To import a Photoshop file, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File→Import→Import to Stage.

  2. When the Import dialog box appears, choose a Photoshop file from your hard drive and click Open (Windows) or Choose (Mac).

    The Import to Library dialog box appears with full Photoshop file import options and a full view of all layers in your file.


  3. With the check boxes next to each layer, select the layers you want to import into Flash.

    Now you can set options for how to import the contents of each layer.

  4. Highlight a layer you’ve chosen to import.

    You can choose from several options that appear on the right side of the panel.

  5. Click OK to import the file.

    The artwork you selected appears on the stage.

Because you can selectively import layers and merge layers directly from the Import panel, consider using .psd files instead of importing flattened artwork (such as JPEG or GIF files). This panel allows you to extract specific elements and maintain transparency from Photoshop layers.