How to Define Pages in Flash Catalyst CS5 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

After importing your Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 file into Flash Catalyst CS5, the first step is to define pages. After all, most Web sites have more than one page! If you created your layers correctly, defining new pages in Flash Catalyst is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the Duplicate State button above the Artboard for as many new pages as you want to create.

    New pages appear in the Pages/States panel, named Page1, Page2, and so on.

  2. For each page, double-click its name, and then type a new name that matches the name of the Web page (no spaces allowed).

  3. Select the first page and click the Eye icon in the Layers panel for each layer that you want to hide.

    Hide all layers that you don’t want to appear on the first page. The Eye icon disappears for each layer that you hide. The first page appears on the Artboard.

  4. Repeat Step 3 for each page.

    Each page should appear when you click that page in the Pages/States panel. Here you see the second page, WhitePaper, displayed.


Thanks to Ellen Finkelstein for permission to use her website as an example.