How to Create Text in Adobe Flash CS6 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

If you’re looking to display important information in your Adobe Flash CS6 movie or you simply want to add creative text elements to your design, the flexible Text tool in Flash CS6 can create attractive type for design elements, buttons, titles, and informational text areas.

Flash CS6 features several new typesetting improvements in the new TLF (Text Layout Framework) text engine, bringing to the table many abilities already found in applications such as Illustrator and InDesign.

Here are the new Flash TLF text features:

  • Vertical and Vertical Left-to-Right orientation

  • Multicolumn text areas

  • Threaded text across several type areas

Though TLF text is the default when you work with the Text tool, you still have the option to set text areas as classic text, providing support for older movies and projects.

Follow these steps to create basic type on the stage:

  1. In a new or existing file, add a new layer to the Timeline by choosing Insert→Timeline→ Layer.

  2. Choose the Text tool from the Tools panel.

  3. Click anywhere on the stage to create a text box and then enter some text.

  4. Click and drag within the text box to select all the text you just entered.

  5. Fine-tune the appearance of your text by selecting character, color, size, and other options in the Character section of the Property inspector.