How to Add Content to Flash CS5 Button States - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

In Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, each frame, or state, can contain unique artwork so that your Flash CS5 button can change appearance as it’s clicked, pressed, or released. You can add content to each frame of your button to make it complete:

  1. If it’s not already open, edit your new button by double-clicking it on the stage or in the Library panel.

    You should have some content on the Up state from when you created the button. Now you can define content for remaining states as well.

  2. Select the Over frame on the button’s timeline and add a new keyframe with the F6 shortcut key.

  3. Use the Selection tool or Property inspector or another drawing tool to modify the artwork on the Over frame.


  4. Select the Down frame and insert a new keyframe by using the F6 shortcut key.

  5. Modify or add content to the Down frame.

    This step determines how the button appears when the user clicks and holds down the mouse button.

  6. Select the Hit frame and create a new keyframe by pressing the F6 shortcut key.

  7. Use existing artwork that’s copied to this keyframe or one of the shape tools to fill this frame with a large, filled Hit area.

  8. Exit the button by clicking Scene 1 above the stage.

  9. Choose Control→Test Movie to preview your movie.

    Rollover and click your new button to see the different states in action.