Convert Flash CS5 Artwork to Buttons - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

When your layers and pages are set up in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5, it’s time to start creating buttons, which are the nuts and bolts of your Flash CS5 user interface.

Catalyst offers many ways to enhance the design of your buttons through adding filters, animation, or different artwork for their different states —all without programming.

Before you can get fancy with how your button looks when it gets clicked, you first need to convert your artwork into a button. To create a button using Flash Catalyst, follow these steps:

  1. Using the Select tool, press and hold the Shift key, and then click each item in the button (such as the text, the background, and so on) to select all the parts of the button.

    The Heads-up Display (HUD) appears, if it’s not already visible.


  2. In the HUD, from the Convert Artwork to Component drop-down list, choose Button.

    This names the button Button1 and copies it into the Library. Catalyst switches to Component Editing mode, allowing you to apply different looks to different states of the button, which we describe in the following section.

  3. To rename your button, click the Library tab, expand the Custom Components pane, right-click Button1, and choose Rename. Then type your new name into the text box that appears.

    Button names cannot contain spaces or hyphens.

Now that your artwork is a button, you can assign the looks for the different states.