What Happens in the Fireworks Layers Panel - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

By default, the Layers panel in Adobe CS5 Fireworks contains two layers: Web Layer and Layer 1. Understanding this layer organization and how it relates to drawing in Fireworks is important.

When you use bitmap tools to paint and create pixels, everything falls on one layer, much as you would expect. But when you start creating vector shapes, every new shape lands on a new layer. This arrangement makes it easier for you to move the shapes independently but can be confusing to new Fireworks users.

Web Layer is reserved for web objects, such as hotspots, slices, and other interactive objects. You can’t delete, duplicate, or rename objects in this layer. Layer 1 is also a default layer. Everything that you create or import, whether it’s a bitmap or a vector graphic, lands here, essentially becoming a sub-layer of Layer 1.

You can rename both main layers and sub-layers. You can also reposition, delete, and duplicate them by using the tools at the bottom of the Layers panel.


Create a new document by choosing File→New. If the Layers panel isn’t visible, choose Window→Layers.