The Fireworks Professional CS5 Tools Panel - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

The Adobe Fireworks Professional Creative Suite 5 Tools panel is sorted into six categories: Select, Bitmap, Vector, Web, Colors, and View. The following table lists the tools by category and the keys you can easily press to access them.

As you select each tool, notice that the Properties panel displays additional options. (If your Properties panel isn’t visible, choose Window→Properties.)

Adobe CS5 Flash Tools Panel
Category Tool Name What You Can Do with It Keyboard Shortcut
Pointer Select paths and objects V or 0
Subselection Adjust paths, much as you do with the Direct Select tool in
Illustrator and Photoshop
A or 1
Scale Scale objects or selections Q
Crop Crop images C
Marquee Make rectangular selections M
Lasso Make freeform selections L
Magic Wand Select similar colors W
Brush Paint on image B (toggle with Pencil)
Pencil Draw bitmap paths B (toggle with Brush)
Eraser Erase bitmap data E
Blur Blur image R
Rubber Stamp Clone image data S
Line Create vector lines N
Pen Create Bézier paths P
Rectangle Create vector shapes U
Type Create text T
Freeform Create freeform paths O
Knife Cut paths Y
Rectangle Hotspot Create image map hotspots J
Slice Create slices for tables or CSS K
Hide Slices and Hotspots Hide slices and image map hotspots 2
Show Slices and Hotspots Display slices and image map hotspots 2
Eyedropper Sample color I
Paint Bucket Fill color G
Hand Pan the artboard
Zoom Zoom in and out of artboard X