How to Slice in Adobe Fireworks CS6 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

After you’ve prepared a simple but efficient navbar in Adobe Fireworks CS6, use the Slice tool to create a couple of slices and then export them. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the Slice tool in the web section of the Tools panel; then click and drag from the upper-left corner of the Home section of the rectangle toward the lower-right corner.


    For this example, your drag doesn’t have to be exact.

    If you’re going for perfection, choose View→Rulers to display the rulers. When the rulers are visible, you can click and drag guides out of them.

    When you have an active slice, the Properties panel changes to offer you various slice options.

  2. Change the format by making a choice from the Slice Export Settings drop-down list.

    Select the GIF format if the artwork has lots of solid color, or select JPEG for images with lots of gradation of color.

  3. Enter a link in the Link text box.

  4. Enter a brief description of the link in the Alt text box.

    Alt text is the text that appears while a page is downloading. It also appears in place of the graphic if a viewer has turned off the graphics display in his web browser.


  5. With the Slice tool, click and drag to surround the second half of the navbar.

  6. Type into the Link text box and type Adobe, Inc. into the Alt text box.

That is slicing in simple form. You can make the process as complicated as you want by creating entire sliced pages (because search engines like to search for text content) to navbars with many links and destinations.