Starting a New Composition - dummies

By Michael Rohde

When you first open Adobe Edge Animate CC, you’re greeted with a very informative Welcome screen, as shown. The Welcome screen has many components to it, which are grouped into three different sections. On the left side of the screen you can open an existing file, create a new file, create a file from a template, or view a list of recent files.

From the Welcome screen you will need to be familiar with two vital techniques:

  • Resizing the Stage: You can size the Stage either by pixel count or by percentage.

  • Importing an existing web page: You can open existing HTML files.


Also on the Welcome screen, down in the bottom-left corner, there are two little icons. You will most likely immediately recognize both of them. The Facebook icon takes you directly to the Edge Animate Facebook page; the Twitter icon connects you to the Edge Animate Twitter feed.

In the top-middle of the Welcome screen, you can find a menu that consists of

  • What’s New: This section provides a list of all the latest features, additions, and updates since the last release.

  • Getting Started: The Getting Started section of the Welcome screen shows several boxes in the main part of the screen. From here, you can walk through several tutorials and examples that are built directly into Edge Animate.

  • Resources: The Resources section of the Welcome screen provides a list of links that you can click for additional help, tutorials, video, and FAQs from the community as shown. From the Resources section, you can also view and download sample projects as well as access the JavaScript API.


  • Quiet: If you prefer a nice, quiet space from which to work when you open Edge Animate, all you have to do is click Quiet from the Welcome screen. Doing so removes the tutorials and lists that you may normally see (as shown).


Edge Animate remembers whichever Welcome screen option you choose. If you close the software with Quiet selected, then the next time you open Edge Animate, you see the Quiet Welcome screen. The same holds true if you close the program with any of the other options selected.

An Internet connection is required to gain access to many of the features listed on the Welcome screen.

The first time that you open Edge Animate, you may want to start a brand-new composition. To do that, simply click the Create New icon from the left side of the screen. Later, after you have some saved projects, you can click either Open File or Recent Files to open your existing compositions.

When you click Create New, Edge Animate presents a brand-new blank Stage from which you can start your work.