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Manage Stage Actions in Adobe Edge Animate

By Michael Rohde

Here is how to use actions for the Stage from the Elements panel in Adobe Edge Animate. The Elements panel is located in the top-right corner of the screen. You can do a number of things from the Elements panel, including selecting elements, opening actions for an element, setting the visibility of an element, locking an element, and nesting one element into another element.

You can also name, or label, elements from the Elements panel. The Elements panel remains empty until you create your first element, such as a text box or a rectangle, or you import an image. However, you can always see the Stage in the Elements panel.

Adding Stage actions

To open the Actions box from the Elements panel, simply click the Open Actions icon, which is shown in the figure along with a full list of all possible actions that you can add to the Stage.

The first nine actions listed in the figure are unique to the Stage. The remaining actions — from click to focus — are used for elements as well.

For some of these Stage actions, a designer with no coding experience may want to shy away from using certain actions that are code-intensive. However, even code-wary designers can use some Stage actions, such as keydown and keyup, to good effect.

Here is a brief description of what you can do with each of the Stage actions:

  • creationComplete: Fires immediately after a Symbol is created and initialized but before autoPlay occurs.

  • beforeDeletion: Fires just before a Symbol is deleted.

  • compositionReady: Fires after the composition is ready to play but before autoPlay occurs.

  • keydown: Fires after the user presses an assigned key.

  • keyup: Fires after the user stops pressing an assigned key.

  • scroll, orientationchange, and resize: These are page-level events.

  • onError: Fires when an event handler causes a JavaScript error.

For more information on these Stage actions, see the Adobe Edge Animate JavaScript API.

Create Stage actions from the Elements panel.
Create Stage actions from the Elements panel.