How to Work with Templates in Adobe Edge Animate - dummies

How to Work with Templates in Adobe Edge Animate

By Michael Rohde

Templates were introduced in Edge Animate 2.0. This feature removes the necessity of reinventing the wheel every time you want to start a new composition. Sure, you could always start a new composition from a saved file, but Templates enable you to start a new project that already contains attributes and elements that you want to use without having to rewrite an existing saved file.

Templates are very useful when you want to create several similar compositions and you want to start animating right away — without setting up your preferences from a brand-new composition or having to remove or swap out elements from a saved file. You can find the Templates from the main menu under File (as shown).


From the File menu, you can

  • Create from Template: Here’s where you start a new composition from a saved Template, to do this, you must first save a Template and then import that Template into Animate. When you click Create from Template, the Template Viewer opens and you see thumbnails of your imported Templates (as shown). Then you choose the Template you want to work with.


  • Save As Template: this saves your current composition as a Template. Saved Templates include anything and everything in your composition. This includes Symbols, images, text, fonts and custom amendments you made including the size of the Stage.

    When you click Save As Template, and then choose a spot to save the file, Animate creates an antmple file. When you save a Template, you are then prompted to import that Template. Do that, so you can select it later when you choose Create from Template.

If you try to open an antmple file from your file directory and that file has already been imported, you’ll get this message:

The Animate Template file contains a template that is already imported. Overwrite the existing template?

You can then choose Yes or No. If you try to open an antmple file from your file directory that has not already been imported, then Edge Animate imports that Template for you. You can then open that template by clicking Create from Template.

If you decide you no longer want a particular Template to appear in the Template Viewer, click the garbage can from the Template Viewer when you hover over a particular Template thumbnail, as shown in this figure.


When you delete a Template, the saved Template file remains on your hard drive (or in the specific file directory to which you originally saved it). Deleting a Template simply removes it from Edge Animate; you can no longer choose it from the Template Viewer.