How to Format Large Images in a Container in Adobe Edge Animate CC

By Michael Rohde

You can use a container to keep smaller elements of one larger image together when you import a multiple-piece image into Edge Animate. But why break a large image into smaller pieces?

Images larger than 1024 x 1024 don’t work well on mobile devices and tablets. It’s smart to break these big images into smaller elements so they load properly across all devices. You can nest these elements into a larger container so all of the pieces of the image move together if you want your audience to click and drag the image as a whole.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use photo editing software to break up large images into separate image files.

  2. Import the individual image files into Animate.

  3. Arrange the images on the Stage to recreate the whole image.

  4. Draw a rectangle element on the Stage and size it around the image files.

    This rectangle element will become a container for the image files so that they all stay together as you create your animations.

    To place the images into the container, you can nest them in the Elements panel by dragging them.