Drawing Tools in Edge Animate - dummies

By Michael Rohde

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides drawing tools so that you can create rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses on the Stage — which then become elements that you can animate and add actions to. The same is true for importing images and writing text. This figure shows where you can find the drawing tools directly under the main menu.


Adobe Edge Animate CC provides a range of tools you can use to create elements:

  • Drawing tools: You can draw rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses (including circles).

  • Editing the corners: If you want to edit the roundness of your corners, Edge Animate provides ways to make it happen.

  • Importing images: As a designer, you most likely have some choice images that you want to animate. Now you can.

  • Writing text: There is a very good chance that you want to add some text to your composition. Animate makes that task easy for you.

Drawing rectangles in Edge Animate

Drawing a rectangle is as easy as clicking the Rectangle tool and then clicking and dragging inside the Stage.

When you animate the rectangles you draw, they become elements on the Stage. Then you can turn them into Symbols, assign them actions and triggers, and so on.

When you draw an element on the Stage (such as a rectangle) and other elements are already on the Stage, Edge Animate automatically shows pink guidelines (see this figure). These guidelines can help you create equal-size elements and align your elements evenly with each other.


Creating rounded rectangles

The Rounded Rectangle tool is similar to the Rectangle tool, except the corners are round instead of square.

You can affect how round the corners are by experimenting with the way you click and drag when you draw a rounded rectangle. For example, you can draw a circle, a pill shape, or a square with slightly round corners — and just about anything in between. This figure shows some of the different shapes you can draw with the Rounded Rectangle tool.


Drawing ellipses

The Ellipses tool makes it easy to draw circles. Just select the Ellipses tool (as highlighted), and then click and drag to draw a shape with rounded corners. This figure shows a perfect circle element.


To draw a perfect circle, hold down Shift while you click and drag. This keypress forces the proportions of the elements to retain the circle shape no matter how you click and drag.