Click and Drag the Edge Animate Panels - dummies

Click and Drag the Edge Animate Panels

By Michael Rohde

The Adobe Edge Animate interface consists of a main menu along the top and a series of panels and frames border the Stage. The panels contain the buttons, toggles, and switches that enable you to design. The frames contain the panels — and you can configure those as well, moving and resizing them as you see fit. You can even revert to the default view or create several different types of views:

  • Stacked

  • Tabbed

  • Default

  • Side by side

You can customize the location and size for the Properties panel, the Elements panel, and the Library. Each of these panels has two small icons in the top-right corner:

  • Drop-down arrow: Use this icon to undock or close panels and frames. You can also use it to maximize frames.

  • Click and Drag: Use this icon to move panels around the workspace.

You can click and drag the panel by placing the cursor over the Click and Drag icon at the far right, as indicated in this figure.

The Click and Drag icon for panels.
The Click and Drag icon for panels.

You can move each panel into any onscreen position and location, whether by clicking and dragging the name of each panel or clicking and dragging its icon.