Adobe Timeline and Drawing Toolbar - dummies

Adobe Timeline and Drawing Toolbar

By Michael Rohde

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a powerful, flexible program for creating and publishing animations for the web. Two essential features of Adobe Edge Animate CC are the Timeline and familiar drawing tools.

  • Timeline: This part of the screen is where you add keyframes and animation sequences that make your composition come alive. From the Timeline you can edit where, when, and for how long an animation sequence takes place.

  • Drawing toolbar: You can draw rectangles, rounded rectangles, and even ellipses, including perfect circles, using the drawing tools. Also included is a Text tool so you can write text within your animation. Adding elements to your animation is one of the first steps in creating a composition in Edge Animate.

These tools are essential to creating an animation. The Stage is where your composition comes alive; the Timeline is where you plot your animation sequences; and the drawing tools help you create the elements that become the assets of your animation.

Edge Animate’s intuitive, accurate, and flexible Timeline

Besides the Stage, the Timeline is probably the feature you use most often with Edge Animate. You find the Timeline at the bottom of the screen, and it contains many features, as follows:

  • Keyframes: You use keyframes to direct when, and for how long, an animation unfolds on the Stage. The colored bars in the Timeline, shown, represent keyframes and indicate when an animation starts, stops, and for how long it will play. You can edit these keyframes with a click and a drag.

  • Mode toggles: The Timeline also allows you to toggle different modes, such as Auto-Keyframes, Auto-Transitions, and the Pin, and you can choose different Easing attributes.

  • Animation enhancements: From the Timeline, you can tweak your animation in multiple ways — for example, by adding actions, specifying filter elements, and enabling Timeline snapping.


Drawing with familiar tools

If you’ve ever used other drawing or image editing software, then you most likely recognize the drawing tools available in Edge Animate. If Edge Animate is the first artistic software you’ve used, then just relax as you discover that drawing elements such as rectangles and circles is as easy as clicking and dragging.

You can locate the Drawing tools at the top of the screen, directly underneath the menu, as.


The Drawing tools include a Rectangle, a Rounded Rectangle, an Ellipse for drawing circles, and a Text tool for drawing text boxes.