Adobe Bridge Application in CS5 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

In Creative Suite 5, Adobe has dramatically enhanced the Adobe Bridge application and even included a mini panel version for Photoshop CS5 named, appropriately, Mini Bridge. The Adobe Bridge application helps you organize and manage your assets, such as pictures, text, and movie and audio files, as well as non-Adobe applications such as Word or Excel files.

Adobe Bridge acts like a hub for the Creative Suite; for example, by choosing to open files using the Bridge interface, you can browse directories quickly and see thumbnail previews of files, as shown.


You can even use the Filter panel to help find files and view metadata to your file, including important information such as keywords and copyright information. Bridge not only makes a great deal of information accessible, but it can also be used as a central resource for all your Help needs.

Not all Adobe Bridges are the same. If you installed the Adobe programs separately (not using the Creative Suite installer), the program on your machine may be lacking some features. If you notice that you don’t have access to features mentioned here, check to see whether all the CS5 applications are installed or run the CS5 installer again.

Knowing where to locate the Adobe Bridge application is helpful. Bridge should already be in your system if you completed a standard installation of any product in the entire suite. If you don’t find Bridge installed, go back and choose to install it using your original installation media. After you install the Bridge software, you can open it in one of three ways:

  • Access the Bridge software with the directory system of your computer. Navigate to C:ProgramsAdobeAdobe BridgeBridge (Windows) or Hard DriveApplicationsAdobe BridgeBridge (Mac).


  • Click the Launch Bridge button on the Application bar. If you don’t see the Launch Bridge icon, you can choose File→Browse in Bridge. Launch into Bridge from any of the applications included in the Creative Suite.


  • In Photoshop, you can click the MB (Mini Bridge) on the Application bar to open a panel with a miniature version of Bridge.