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How to Use Dialog Boxes in Adobe Creative Cloud

By Jennifer Smith

A dialog box in Adobe Creative Cloud is a window that appears when certain menu items are selected. It offers additional options in the form of drop-down lists, panes, text fields, option buttons, check boxes, and buttons that enable you to change settings and enter information or data as necessary. You use dialog boxes to control the software or your document in various ways.

For example, when you open a new file, you typically use the Open dialog box to select a file to open. When you save a file, you use the Save As dialog box to select a location for saving the file, to name the file, and to execute the Save command.

Some dialog boxes also include tabs. These dialog boxes may need to contain many settings of different types that are organized into several sections by using tabs. A dialog box typically has a button that executes the particular command and one that cancels and closes the dialog box without doing anything. This figure shows a common dialog box.

A dialog box in Adobe Creative Cloud

A dialog box in Windows offers the same functionality as a dialog box on the Mac. Dialog boxes perform similar tasks and include the same elements to enter or select information. For example, here are some tasks you perform by using dialog boxes:

  • Save a new version of a file.

  • Specify printing or page-setup options.

  • Set up preferences for the software you’re using.

  • Check the spelling of text in a document.

  • Open a new document.

You can’t use the application you’re working with until the dialog box is closed. When you have a dialog box open in the application you’re using, the window pops up on the screen. Before you can begin working with the application again, you have to close the dialog box.

You can close it by making your choices and clicking a button (such as Save or OK) when you’re finished or by clicking the Cancel button to close it without making any changes.