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Adobe Flex 3.0 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Adobe Flex 3.0 For Dummies

By Doug McCune, Deepa Subramaniam

Software developers will love how Adobe Flex 3.0 easily lets them build rich internet applications with Flex Builder keyboard shortcuts. If you’re just getting started using Flex 3.0, find helpful online resources for better application development.

Adobe Flex 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Flex Builder will let you work easily and quickly through powerful features and repetitive tasks while editing source code; some commands are context sensitive and perform tasks on selected text. Refer to the following chart for shortcut key combinations for both Mac and Windows:


Adobe Flex 3.0 Quick Links

If you want to know more about Adobe Flex or sharpen your Flex skills take advantage of the online Flex resources listed below to get started and learn some great tips and tricks for your application development:

  • LiveDocs: The official Flex documentation from Adobe, known as LiveDocs, includes API documentation and comprehensive Help documentation.

  • ActionScript 3 Language Reference: The ActionScript 3 Language Reference contains full documentation of every class in the Flex 3 framework. This complete documentation covers every class and property that you can use on all Flex framework components.

  • Flex Bug Database: The Flex open-source bug database is a searchable list of all known bugs in all Flex products, including the Flex SDK and Flex Builder IDE. As a Flex developer, you can submit bugs directly to the bug database to the Flex team at Adobe.

  • Flex Developer Center: Adobe Flex DevNet contains articles and tutorials to guide you through the learning process. It also contains the user-generated Flex Cookbook.

  • Flex Showcase: The showcase contains hundreds of sample Flex applications. Use the showcase to get inspiration or to find impressive examples to “sell” to your boss the decision to choose Flex.

  • Flex Builder Trial download: You can download a fully functional, free trial version of Flex Builder and use it to make working Flex applications for 30 days. The only limitation during the trial period is that the chart components display a watermark.