Tips for Improving Sleep Quality to Avoid a Sleep Disorder - dummies

Tips for Improving Sleep Quality to Avoid a Sleep Disorder

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Your daily routine may be causing your sleepless nights. If you want to avoid a sleep disorder, it’s important to establish a nighttime routine to help bring on the zzzz’s. A consistent set of behaviors will help train your brain and body that it is time for sleep. Follow these tips to improve your sleep quality:

  • Avoid the jitters; don’t drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages within six hours of bedtime.

  • Avoid reading, eating, or watching TV in bed (only sleepin’ and lovin’ allowed).

  • Cut out quarreling close to bedtime; you’ll be too stressed to sleep.

  • Establish a bedtime and stick to it every night.

  • If you gotta have that supersized bowl of chili with onions and jalapeños, eat it for lunch. Avoid heavy, spicy, or fatty meals within four hours of bedtime.

  • Round out your exercise routine at least five to six hours before hitting the hay. Otherwise the increased metabolism and stress hormone cortisol that exercise generates will keep you feeling wired.

  • Steer clear of smoking or drinking alcohol close to bedtime. Both habits can interfere with the quality and quantity of your sleep.