Sleep Disorders: Quick Fixes for a Sleepless Night - dummies

Sleep Disorders: Quick Fixes for a Sleepless Night

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If your sleep disorder is kicking in and you’re having one of those nights where you just stare at the ceiling for hours and sleep won’t come, staying in bed stewing about your sleeplessness is just about the worst thing you can do. Here are some smart ideas to refocus your energy and get you headed for slumber:

  • First and foremost, when sleep won’t come, get out of bed!

  • Eat a light, wholesome carbohydrate snack like a few whole wheat crackers with milk or turkey; they contain ingredients that encourage sleep.

  • Meditate (or pray, if you’re inclined to) for 15 minutes. Focus on relaxing and letting go of the day’s stress.

  • Read a dull book, watch some bad TV, or do anything boring and repetitive to lull your over-active brain.

  • Take a warm bath to soothe your senses and calm yourself down.