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Sources of Vitamin B12 in Your Vegetarian Diet

If you eat animal products, you get the nutrient vitamin B12 from them. Vegetarians who includes eggs, cheese, yogurt, cows’ milk, or other dairy products in their diets also have a source of vitamin B12. The other place you’ll find vitamin B12 is in the soil.

Vitamin B12-producing microorganisms live in the soil in your garden and everywhere outdoors. If you raise vegetables, pick them, and eat them without first thoroughly washing them, it’s possible that you might ingest some particles of vitamin B12 in the soil still clinging to the food.

These days, most Americans don’t eat food that grown in backyard gardens. They eat fruits and vegetables that are “picked” from bins at the grocery store, shiny and clean without a hint of soil — or vitamin B12 — clinging to them. The following table lists some vegetarian food sources that do contain vitamin B12, even without soil attached.

Vegetarian Food Sources of Vitamin B12
Food Vitamin B12 Content in (micrograms)
1 cup Wheat Chex 2.4
1 cup Fiber-7 Flakes (Health Valley) 0.6
1 cup Grape Nuts (Post) 1.5
1 cup Just Right, Fruit and Nut (Kellogg) 1.4
1 cup Mueslix, Apple and Almond Crunch (Kellogg)* 1.3
3/4 cup Nutri-Grain, Wheat (Kellogg) 1.5
1 cup Product 19 (Kellogg) 6.0
1 cup Raisin Bran (Kellogg) 1.6
1 cup Total (General Mills) 7.7
1 patty Harvest Burger (Green Giant) 1.5
2/3 cup Harvest Burger for Recipes protein crumbles (Green Giant) 1.0
2 links Breakfast Links (Morningstar Farms) 3.6
1 patty Breakfast Patties (Morningstar Farms) 1.5
2 strips Breakfast Strips (Morningstar Farms) 0.1
1 patty BurgerBeaters (Morningstar Farms) 2.4
1 patty Chik Patties (Morningstar Farms) 0.9
1 patty Grillers (Morningstar Farms) 6.7
2 tablespoons Better Than Milk? dairy-free tofu beverage mix 0.6
8 ounces potato milk (Vegelicious) 3.0
8 ounces soy beverage (Edensoy Extra) 3.0
1 tablespoon T-6635+ Vegetarian Support Formula nutritional yeast flakes (Red Star) 2.0
1 large whole egg 0.5
1 large egg white 0.1
1 ounce part-skim mozzarella cheese 0.2
1/2 cup ice cream 0.3
8 ounces skim milk 1.0
8 ounces plain, nonfat yogurt 1.5