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How to Make Your Sandwich Lowfat

You can make some simple changes to traditional sandwiches to make them lowfat and still tasty. Lowfat sandwiches don’t have to be bland — just follow these tips for keeping the fat out of your sandwich:

  • Use a good, thick-sliced style of bread that’s low in fat. Not croissants, for example, which usually get over 40 percent of their calories from fat.

    Toast the bread for more crunch and texture.

  • Use diet margarine or fat-free butter-type spray. Avoid stick butter or margarine, which are very high in fat.

  • Use fat-free or lowfat mayonnaise or other fat-free or lowfat spreads. Let the taste of the tomatoes, bread, lettuce, and meat take center stage, not the high-fat spread.

  • Go for lean meat. Use lean and well-done beef, lean pork or ham with the edge fat cut off, lean lamb with no fat, and only skinless and lean poultry.

    Include smaller amounts of meat and poultry — only one or two thin slices.

  • Limit your high-fat cheeses. For high-fat cheese, use just one slice. Or use fat-free or lowfat cheeses, or one slice of regular Swiss cheese and one slice of lowfat.

  • Don’t skimp on the veggies. Use plenty of lettuce, sprouts, onions, roasted peppers, green pepper slices, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other vegetables (as shown in this figure).

  • Go crazy with lowfat condiments. Use plenty of pickles, relishes, mustard, ketchup, and other lowfat and fat-free condiments.