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How to Make a Weekly Dairy-Free Shopping List

By Suzanne Havala Hobbs

A grocery list can help you stay organized on your dairy-free diet. If you maintain a running list of what you need — and add to it whenever you notice you’re running low on something — you stand a much better chance of coming home with that food when you shop. A grocery list also can help you curb the impulse to buy things you shouldn’t eat or don’t need.

How you use your grocery list is up to you. Some people like to plan a week’s worth of meals at a time, and they shop for those supplies once a week. Other people prefer to keep a supply of staples on hand at all times.

Consider drafting a grocery list in the order in which the items are found in the store. Doing so can help you shop faster, because you won’t find yourself running back and forth to pick up items you may have overlooked on the opposite side of the store. Doing a mental rundown of the aisles as you make your list also may prevent you from forgetting some of the things you need.

What to include on your weekly dairy-free grocery shopping list

The dairy-free foods listed here are those that are perishable and don’t keep for more than a week or two. Print the list and then pick and choose the foods you’d like to buy in any given week. Keep some extra copies of the list on hand just in case.

  • Nondairy cheese: Soy, rice, and nut milk varieties; bricks and shredded varieties; cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, jack, and others

  • Nondairy coffee creamer (in pint and quart cartons)

  • Nondairy cream cheese: Plain, flavored

  • Fresh deli items: Veggie wrap sandwiches, fresh pizza with veggie toppings (cheeseless), vinaigrette coleslaw (no milk-laced mayo)

  • Nondairy milk (in half-gallon cartons): Soy, rice, and almond; plain (for cooking); flavored

  • Nondairy pudding cups

  • Nondairy sour cream

  • Soy yogurt: Plain (as a sour cream substitute), fruited and flavored

What to include on your monthly nondairy shopping list

The following items keep for months in the cupboard, refrigerator, or freezer. You can buy them less often, and you can stock up when there’s a sale.

  • Nondairy chocolate

  • Nondairy frozen novelties: Frozen fruit bars, Italian ice, nondairy ice cream bars

  • Nondairy ice cream: Soy, rice, and coconut milk varieties; Nondairy sorbet

  • Nondairy margarine (trans-fat-free)

  • Nondairy milk (in aseptic cartons): Soy, rice, almond, and grain-based; plain (for cooking) and flavored