Cutting Different Styles of Cheese - dummies

Cutting Different Styles of Cheese

By Culture Magazine, Laurel Miller, Thalassa Skinner, Ming Tsai

Part of Cheese For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A right and a wrong way exists for cutting cheese. Using the right technique for each style and shape maximizes the flavor and number of portions you get.

These instructions don’t refer to cutting whole wheels (except when quite small) or massive blocks of cheese here; cutting those is the cheesemonger’s job. Any cheese you purchase will come pre-cut and wrapped, or it will be cut to order by your cheesemonger. After you get your cheese home, follow these instructions (you can see these techniques in the figure):

  • Small wheels, discs, pyramids, or squares: Positioning the knife in the center of the cheese, cut into even, wedge-like slices (image A).

  • Wedges of soft to semi-soft cheeses: Cut these cheeses into thin slices, starting at the point of the cheese (Image B).

  • Wedges of semi-firm to hard cheeses: Cut the wedge in half lengthwise and then cut each slice into portions crosswise (Image C).

  • Logs: Slice into even cross-sections (Image D).

  • Blue cheeses: Slice the wedge from the center of the thin edge to equally spaced points along the thick edge (Image E).

  • Cheeses that come in a box (such as Epoisses): Cut a “lid” in the top of the cheese, and set this piece aside. Then scoop out the contents with a spoon (Image F).

    Cutting different styles and shapes of cheese.
    Cutting different styles and shapes of cheese.