The WinRT API - dummies

By Bill Sempf

Part of Windows 8 Application Development with HTML5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

WinRT is the way to get to devices running Windows Store apps programmatically. It is an object-oriented, well-structured application programming interface (API) that gives Windows 8 developers access to everything the operating system has to offer from C++, C#, VB.NET and JavaScript.

Namespace What It Does
Windows.ApplicationModel Gives apps insight into their own existence. Package
information and IDE information can be found here.
Windows.Data No SQL Connections in Windows Store apps! Windows.Data gives
you HTML, XML, and JSON parsing.
Windows.Devices Camera, compass, speakers, GPS, accelerometer . . . you know,
all the cool stuff.
Windows.Foundation This is where the async stuff hides, as well as URI parsing and
Windows.Globalization Everything you might need to make sure your app works
everywhere in the known universe. Klingon, anyone?
Windows.Graphics Handles how things that are not part of DirectX look on
the screen. Printing is also handled here.
Windows.Management Handles the management of the app itself. You can deal with the
data behind the configuration of your app and deployment.
Windows.Media Pictures, video, and sound parsing are here, as well as all of
the various format libraries, and ways to handle new ones.
Windows.Networking You don’t have to worry about network sockets with Windows
Store apps, but you still need to call Web Services.
Windows.Security Authentication, authorization, encryption, and hashing, and
logging into Facebook. (Not kidding.)
Windows.Storage Handles not only file access, but also the picker contracts and
searching, streaming, and compression. Everything about files.
Windows.System Think “your” machine — threading, display, and profile.
Stuff specific to this machine.
Windows.UI The biggest namespace in WinRT. All of the touch-enabled UI
controls are found here, along with XAML specifics and widgets like
the Start screen.
Windows.Web Handles all of the web stuff that Windows needs, like
publishing to RSS and ATOM.