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Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing, and the power of AI can, and should, be leveraged for use in customer experience (CX) to benefit your external and internal stakeholders: your customers, agents, and supervisors.

Delighting your customers

Your customers have a stake in your business, and you wouldn’t be where you are without them. Today’s external stakeholders — your customers — crave digital self-service, and it drives their interactions. Companies may often underestimate this desire. Customers want and expect (even demand) options that meet their personalized needs for up-to-date information and assistance, and they want this without having to talk directly with another person.

With AI, you can help make that happen. AI promises usefulness across all types of customer interactions, including searching for information, using a chatbot, interacting with people, and more. With AI for CX, you can host a safe, secure environment for CX to occur. And keep in mind this little techie tidbit: Roughly 30 percent of transactions were supported by automation in 2023, and about 70 percent will be in 2025. The incorporation of AI into your CX is vital to your brand.

The NICE Enlighten Suite is trusted AI for business and utilizes the latest GenAI technology and the largest labeled dataset of omnichannel CX interactions to create positive customer experiences. Within the suite, Enlighten Autopilot, focusing on customers, delivers personalized, business-aligned conversational AI experiences to thrill your customers in the following ways:

• Meeting customers on their preferred channels
• Seamless engagement across all touchpoints
• Providing a consistent and unified experience
• Having data-driven decision-making
• Strengthening brand perception

Visit to learn more.

Supporting your staff

The use of AI can also impact your internal stakeholders, and those folks include your agents and supervisors. Most employees will see the positive effects of AI, but when you deploy AI for CX within your organization, seek to reassure everyone that you expect the technology to benefit them. Don’t forget to ask for feedback on their experiences with it, too.

The benefits of such technology include

  • Improving employee experience: AI has the potential to positively impact your employees throughout your organization. Agents’ work experiences can be improved and optimized, which helps the organization as a whole to operate more efficiently.
  • Better management information: Make key information more accessible to more people within your business, including your supervisors. With AI, this information can be delivered faster and more conveniently than ever.

Generative AI as part of the CX is a powerful positive for your agents, supervisors, and even your brand. Your organization may be able to realize higher sales, greater customer satisfaction, and a better brand image by taking advantage emerging technologies.

You need a trusted AI solution for your business. Enter Enlighten Copilot. This solution’s primary function is to empower agents and supervisors with in-the-moment assistance and coaching to deliver premium interactions and to make their jobs easier by offering a variety of versatile features designed to elevate CX and drive success. Copilot also delivers security, privacy, and compliance to help you meet the legal, regulatory, and safety concerns of your company. When companies start to offer AI-powered capabilities on their own, these concerns may be ignored simply out of a lack of knowledge of what AI entails. Enlighten Copilot also seeks to strengthen, not replace, your employee base by targeting AI toward highly repetitive, lower-touch and lower-value interactions. That leaves your agents free for the higher-touch, higher-value interactions. Supervisors also benefit from AI-driven tools to free themselves from repetitive management tasks and to improve decision making. Visit for more information.

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