Who Should You Recommend on LinkedIn? - dummies

Who Should You Recommend on LinkedIn?

By Joel Elad

Go through your LinkedIn contacts and make a list of the people you want to recommend. Choose wisely. Your recommendations will reflect on you, as well. As you build your list, consider recommending the following types of contacts:

  • People you’ve worked with: Personal references aren’t completely worthless, but standing next to specific recommendations from colleagues and clients, they tend to ring pretty hollow. Business recommendations are much stronger in the LinkedIn context.

    Your recommendation is rooted in actual side-by-side experience with the other party, you can be specific on the behavior and accomplishments of the other party, and the examples you give are most likely to be appreciated by the professional LinkedIn community at large.

  • People you know well: You may choose to connect with casual acquaintances or even strangers, but reserve your personal recommendations for people you have an established relationship with. Remember, you’re putting your own reputation on the line with that recommendation. Are you comfortable risking your rep on them?

Recommend only those people whose performance you’re actually happy with. This can’t be said enough: Your reputation is on the line. Recommending a real doofus just to get one recommendation in return isn’t worth it! Here’s a great question to ask yourself when deciding whether to recommend someone: Would you feel comfortable recommending this person to a best friend or family member? If not, well, then, you have your answer.

When you complete your To Be Recommended list, you’re probably not going to do them all at once, so copy and paste the names into a word processing document or spreadsheet so that you can keep track as you complete them.