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What Do I Need to Use the Outlook Social Connector on LinkedIn?

By Joel Elad

If you use Microsoft Outlook for your e-mail and you find yourself constantly switching between Outlook and the LinkedIn website to retrieve information, send e-mail to your connections via Outlook and then screen incoming e-mail by jumping to LinkedIn to read those profiles, you’re in luck! LinkedIn has developed a special tool you can install in your system that automatically ties into its website.

This Social Connector tool appears as part of your Microsoft Outlook screen and gives you several functions to make the connection between Outlook and LinkedIn smoother.

To use the LinkedIn Outlook Social Connector tool, you need to have certain levels of software on your computer for the tool to work correctly:

  • Your operating system needs to be either Microsoft Windows 7, XP or Vista for the 32-bit version, or Windows 8 for the 64-bit version.

  • Your Microsoft Outlook program should be the 2003, 2007, or 2010 version.

  • You should have at least 5–10MB of free space on your hard drive before installing this program.

Here are the main benefits you can enjoy after installing this function:

  • It suggests sending an invitation to someone to join your network based on the number of times you e-mail that person. The higher the “e-mail frequency,” the more likely you should add him to your LinkedIn network.

  • It allows you to send invitations with one click, instead of having to find the person’s profile on LinkedIn and clicking through the Invite process. You can also pull up the LinkedIn website with one click using the tool.

  • It automatically displays a LinkedIn “mini-profile” of someone when you read an e-mail from that person using Outlook. This way, you can get more information about the sender in the form of an instant pop-up, rather than manually going to LinkedIn to research the person.

  • Your Outlook contact information for a LinkedIn connection is automatically updated with that connection’s profile information.

  • You can receive e-mail notifications when someone in your LinkedIn network updates her profile information.

  • You can access a LinkedIn “dashboard” to get a snapshot of your LinkedIn network and the status of your connections.