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Using LinkedIn to Deliver a Solution

By Joel Elad

After you make the sale, it’s time for a LinkedIn visit. Go back to your company with the contract in hand and determine the resources and personnel necessary to deliver on your contract. In some cases, you may not have everything you need to deliver the order. As it can in earlier stages of the sales process, LinkedIn can assist you in this stage as well.

Here are a few of those ways:

  • Find partners to create the winning team. You’ve done the hard part: You got the contract. The customer trusts you to deliver on that contract, so it’s your job to build the winning team. Your company may not employ full-time all the people you need, or you may have agreed to additional items to make the sale that require something where your business has to speed up development.

    In such a case, you can use your LinkedIn connections to find people who have the skill sets you need. You can also perform an Advanced People search for a consultant or part-time employee who has the skills you need to build your products or consult on your service offering.

  • Get some direction from the LinkedIn community. You can create a question in LinkedIn Answers that polls your network and the greater LinkedIn community in the problem area you’ve been hired to solve. Get an idea of how other people would tackle this problem, and use the answers to identify potential partners or contacts you can use to deliver your solution.

    For example, polling the community about a part of your service offering (a part that isn’t client-specific) may result in a LinkedIn member providing a new way of approaching the problem.

  • Hire the skills you need. If you can’t find a part-time person or tap into the skills you’re seeking from someone in your LinkedIn network, it’s time to post a job listing on LinkedIn Jobs.