Understanding LinkedIn Pulse - dummies

By Joel Elad

Have you checked out LinkedIn Pulse yet? Imagine if you read a newspaper that only showed you articles that mattered to you. (For that matter, for many of you, imagine the days you might have read a newspaper.) Customized news is possible, and on LinkedIn, it’s called LinkedIn Pulse.

All you have to do to bring up LinkedIn Pulse is hover your mouse over the Interests link in the top navigation bar and click Pulse from the drop-down list that appears. You will then see your LinkedIn Pulse home page.

LinkedIn Pulse
LinkedIn Pulse shows you various articles.

You will notice the basic structure of LinkedIn Pulse:

You will notice the basic structure of LinkedIn Pulse:

  • Article headlines: You will see the article headlines and author names along the left side of the screen; clicking any of these headlines brings the article into view in the middle of your screen.
  • Author information: Below every article’s cover graphic is the author’s name and LinkedIn headline. If you click the name, you are taken to the author’s LinkedIn profile page (if he is a LinkedIn member) where you can learn more about the author and interact with him.
  • Follow button: To the right of the author’s name is a Follow button. If you enjoy this author’s article and feel that this type of news fits with what you want to read, click the Follow button to add that person’s articles to your sources of news for LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Publish a Post button: When you are ready to add your own news to the mix, you would click this button and start your own post or article.
  • LinkedIn Pulse menu: If you click the three lines next to the Pulse headline, you will bring up the LinkedIn Pulse menu, where you can choose from different channels of information to read. It’s defaulted to “Top Posts,” but you can focus your search on a particular subject, or click the Discover More link at the bottom of this menu to find other sources of information.
LinkedIn Pulse Channel
Choose your own channel to read on LinkedIn Pulse.

As you scroll down and read an article on LinkedIn Pulse, once you get to the end of the article, you will see the author summary, and the Like and Comment links, similar to the links you see on your update messages. When you click these links, you can interact with the author and other readers. If you keep scrolling down, you will see the next article on your list.