How to Install a LinkedIn Mobile App - dummies

How to Install a LinkedIn Mobile App

By Joel Elad

Currently, LinkedIn apps are only available for mobile devices running the Apple iOS operating system or the Android operating system, and not every app will work on every device. For example, while there are ten apps for an iPhone, only four of those apps work on an iPad device. Consult the app store for your device to see what you can install.

When you’re ready to install an app, follow these steps from your mobile device (for the purposes of illustration, the images you see here demonstrate how to use an iPad to install the main LinkedIn app):

  1. Pull up your main source for installing mobile apps. For example, if you’ve got an Apple device, start up the App Store; if you’ve got an Android device, start up the Google Play Store. You can also go to LinkedIn’s mobile page, find the app you want to install, and then click either the App Store or Google Play Store button, depending on your device.
  2. On the search screen, type in the word LinkedIn (and any additional words, if you want one of the specialized LinkedIn mobile apps, like LinkedIn Job Search or LinkedIn Pulse). This should bring up a results screen of apps. Click the appropriate icon to bring up the app info screen.
    LinkedIn apps
    Download different LinkedIn apps to your iOS device.
  3. When you see the name and description of the app you want, click the Get or Install button to start installing the app. Your device may prompt you to log into your iTunes or Android account at this point. In addition, some apps, like the main LinkedIn mobile app, offer in-app purchases, which means that either Apple or Google will want to verify your billing method in case you buy something inside the app.

    There may be requirements for the level of operating system you need on your device before you can install this app. If your operating system needs to be updated, your mobile device will warn you of this and stop the installation process. You will need to update your OS and then reattempt this installation.

    Click the Get or Install button to start the installation process.
  4. Once the app is fully installed, you should see an icon on your screen. Tap that icon to start the LinkedIn app. You should be taken to a login screen where you can sign in with your LinkedIn account or join LinkedIn with a new account. The first time you open the LinkedIn app, you will be asked to log into your LinkedIn account.
    LinkedIn account
    Sign in to your LinkedIn account from the app.
  5. Click Sign In, type in your LinkedIn user id and password into the boxes provided and then click the Next button. Once you’ve signed into your LinkedIn account, the first thing the app will ask you is whether to enable notifications, where the app can send a message to your device’s screen when certain actions occur. When you see the box pop up, you can click the OK button to turn on notifications, or click Don’t Allow to keep notifications turned off. At any time you can go into the app’s settings to change this setting.
mobile notifications
Decide whether you want the mobile app to send notifications to your device.

Congratulations, you’ve installed the app! Repeat this process with any other app you want to install on your device. Once you’ve installed the LinkedIn app, there may be a shortcut to bringing the other LinkedIn apps onto your device. Bring up the LinkedIn app, make sure you are on the home screen, and see if you have a grid of dots in the upper right corner. If you can see those dots, tap on that grid to bring up an “app launcher” sidebar, where you can tap one of the menu items to install other apps on your device.