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How to Use Visual Social Marketing on LinkedIn: Images in Product and Service Descriptions

By Krista Neher

Businesses on LinkedIn can highlight their products and services with visual social marketing techniques. A LinkedIn profile page gives you a spot to display a cover photo and the opportunity to update statuses, but the Products and Services page provides a number of opportunities to showcase your business visually.

To edit or add content to the Products and Services page (you might see instead only the Products page or only the Services page), select the Products and Services tab on the company page and click the Edit button in the upper-right corner. You then see a number of visual assets, as described in the following list, that you can add to this page to showcase your products and services:

  • Banner images: You can add as many as three banner images to rotate. The images should be 646 x 222 pixels. Use images that represent your brand well. You can also customize the banner’s URL, where people are sent when they click on your banner’s image.

  • Add a YouTube video: On the right side of the page is a space to add a headline and the link to the video. After you have populated these fields, you can preview how the video will look on your product page.

On the products and services editing page, you can add or remove the visual assets from your Products and Services page.


Be sure to click Publish to add the changes to your page.

The Products and Services section of LinkedIn also allows you to upload visual assets for the individual products you add to your LinkedIn page. To edit an existing product, click on the product so that you’re viewing the product page, click Edit in the upper-right corner, and then click Edit Page. To add a new product or service, click Edit and then Add Product or Service.

Regardless of whether you choose to edit an existing product or add a new one, you’re now in the editing view of the Products or Services page. You can create two visual assets for this page. Add an image of the product or service. This image should be 100 x 80 pixels, and the file type should be GIF, JPG, or PNG.

In the lower-right corner of the Add Products and Services page, you can add a title and a URL for a YouTube video to accompany the product or service.

Updating these pages is a powerful way to add visual content to your LinkedIn Products and Services page and to make your products or services more appealing.